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My name is Nishad Kaippally.This is my contribution towards standardising Malayalam Unicode on the Internet . I found the bible to be a well structured and authentic scripture that will serve as a body of text to demonstrate search sort and various database routines. This excercise has also taught me the morphological syntax of the Malayalam language. I am also glad that this site has been the reason for people to download the necessary tools and enable Malayalam Unicode on over 25,000 computers.
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Before you ask any question regarding the bible please read the following Frequently Asked Questions.

I am unable to see this site in proper old script malayalam

Download Anjali old Lipi from here. Install the font into your computer refer to your Operating system for font installation. You may have to restart your browser.

Where can I get a PDF version of this bible?

You can get it from here.

Can I use this bible for distribution?

In certain regions of the world, distribution of religious material may be deemed as a criminal offence. Where permisible you may distribute the PDF printed edition of the bible for research and educational use. The copyright and disclaimer at the bottom of each page should be retained.

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Why did you create this work?

This project was initiated to popularise the use of Malayalam Unicode. It has served as a body of text for Malayalam Unicode research and data handling tests. Thousands of folks have been introduced to Unicode Malayalam from this one single body of work.

How long did you take to complete this?

Nine years. 1995 to 2004. It is still full of minor errors. Any help in proof checking will be greatly appreciated.

A detailed history of the Malayalam Unicode Bible Project (in Malayalam) is available from my blog.
News clip Asianet Gulf Round Up.

How do you fund this project?

This was originally funded by some friends who were keen to see this project complete. Since 2004 I have been funding this site with my own personal resources. database hosting and server space do cost money. I have put a donate button on the right side of the website. Your valuable contributions will help keep this site running. You may click on the donate button at the bottom of the page.

A detailed history of the Malayalam Unicode Bible Project (in Malayalam) is available from my blog.
Revision notes: 
21 October 2010
Changed the display of verses and re-launched the site.

29 Spetember 2010
Site shut down due to lack of funds

26 Sept, 2007
Shifted Hosting service from my good friends at SME to Hostexcellence. 
From now on its a paid hosting service. Which I have decided to pay. 
All systems seem to be working fine. 

19 MAY, 2007
Added links and anchors to Book, Chapter and Verse from the search page.

Sept 17, 2004	
Certain minor issues have cropped up regarding 
the rendering ThoolikaUnicodeTraditional's 
tratment of Chillaksharams. Therefore I have 
started working on an alternative solution 
of displaying the text in the Kartika font.

Kartika font is shipped along with the WinXP SP2
My version of the uniscribe also seems to be outdated 
beyond belief. the halant + Ra appears on the 
Right side of the characters instead of the Left
This is not so under MSOffice applications. Since MS office its one